About us


Sakhisizwe is a Black owned Company, which was established in 1995. A woman manages the company and its, staff establishment is made of 60% women. Sakhisizwe was founded to meet growing need for companies, which would respond to facilitating rural community development projects, and management skills training needs of the community in a manner both sensitive to and recognise the values of and aspirations of the communities so that true sustainability of the community development projects is realized.

Sakhisizwe is made up of individuals endowed with the wealth of skills and competencies gained through extensive learning, exposure and experience. Our skills and experiences put together in the form of Sakhisizwe directed at contributing significantly towards establishing an economically viable in South African Society. Our primary objective is to broaden the capacity of communities to manage, control and maintain projects and community institutions with minimum external intervention.


• To provide development agencies and government departments involved in the development of the previously disadvantaged communities with facilitation and training resources for communities they have earmarked for upliftment;

• To design and implement training programmes as per specifications by the development implementing agency or Government

• To ascertain that a sense of ownership on the part of the development recipient community is established;

• To apply such social analysis as demanded by a particular emergent socio-political situation;
• Understanding the community and its dynamics;.


Social Responsibilities

• We offer office skills in initiating small business and encourage entrepreneurship adventures to the disadvantaged communities.
• We empower specially youth and women with business skills.

Peace and Stability

• We offer administrative back up in peace initiative projects as a means of combating violence.
• We offer conflict resolution skills to community/Tribal structures in rural areas.

Land and Tourism

• To lobby support to rural communities and brainstorm an alternative land use which will be more profitable and cost effective.
• To lobby the idea of establishing traditional museum and curio shops in the disadvantage and deep rural community.


“Our mission is to facilitate the design and implementation of development programmes and projects in such a manner as to ensure their appropriateness, viability and sustainability, by providing our client with the best available and most appropriate Project Management Services and Contractors Services.”

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